Data Confident is an efficient training for CEOs and other executives tasked with leading organisations investing in data, analytics, or AI.

This comprehensive introduction to the field is based on more than a decade of my first-hand experiences. I want to make sure that organisations of any size can use data to be successful – to help them maximise the happiness of their employees and customers. After completing the training, participants can:

  • Understand the data, analytics, and AI landscape in practical terms
  • Start on their journey with a clear idea of what success looks like
  • Recognise the skills and behaviours that define data led organisations
  • Increase their chances of success while mitigating any risks

Every module consists of three distinct parts that each answer a key question.

The course includes presentations, discussions, and hands-on technical exercises. Due to the bespoke nature of the program, limited seats are available. If you would like to know more, please get in touch using this form.

What have past participants said?

"You have made the very complicated, very simple. Excellent content, very thorough."
Ryan  was an incredible teacher, taking the cohort on a journey from understanding the basic importance of data all the way through to running ML code in the cloud."
This was a good investment of time. Very, very, worthwhile. I've enjoyed every minute."
"The course title is absolutely bang on. You have given me the confidence to lead with data."

– Ryan